What I Stand For

A few people have asked me to explain what it is I stand for, so here is an idea for you so you can get to know me better.


I want to help create local jobs by supporting small businesses, encouraging people to shop locally and making sure that business owners feel heard and looked after.


I feel that healthcare needs to be focussed more on preventative rather than curative measures. By helping people to remain independent for longer in their own homes, it keeps them healthier and prevents illness while also saving money in the long run.


Children in the Derwent area need good access to education, but not just in a classroom. Not every child learns at their best in a classroom environment. A more flexible learning environment with real world opportunities is a good place to start.


I want to help make people aware that they are not alone in life, there are programs to support them. From farmers, to young mothers and everyone in between. There are so many great programs now for all walks of life, but we need to make sure people are aware of them, and that they are covering the greater Derwent area as well as they should be.


There are also community groups that I would love to see better utilised, I spent 7 years as a Scout and over 8 years as a volunteer firefighter and found both of these to be an invaluable learning experience. I want to support these kinds of organisations to become better known throughout Derwent.


The most important thing in my life is my family. I want my children to have a fulfilling life, with access to a solid education and plenty of employment opportunities. I also want them to grow up knowing where their food and belongings come from, and how hard people work to make the world what it is.


I enjoy working on our small farm, one day I really hope to own a larger property and have many more animals, so we can become more self-sufficient. I enjoy building things around the house and working out new ways to make things work smarter and better.


I really enjoy the fresh air in the Derwent Valley, the rolling green hills, the farms full of livestock, the working forests. We need to make smart choices about environmental issues, locking up all forests is not a good thing, we need to focus on sustainability. We can’t keep taking and not putting back. A responsible plan for the forests is needed, allowing for heritage while still allowing for production.


I am offering choice, I’m offering an unbiased view on politics. I’m offering hard work and determination to be your voice.